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If you are serious about training your ear to pick up just about any guitar chord, or note that you hear, then you can't afford to miss this valuable information...

Discover how to drastically improve your aural skills, just by playing a fun, but powerful, computer game!

September 6, 2004

Hello, Friend!

Do you wish that you could play guitar like you speak English? Wouldn’t it be great if you could listen to a song on the radio and know exactly what chords are being strummed, so that you can immediately start trying to imitate the song for yourself?

That’s why I’ve created this Web page. You’re about to discover an amazing method for learning how to instantly hear the chords for virtually any song. So, If you’ve ever wanted to be able to hear and name the chords to all of your favorite songs…

AND if you want to do it without having to go through expensive music training or boring ear training drills then I have something to tell you:

GuitEarIt! was made for you.

"I am so very satisfied with you software. It is first class all the way. Thanks again for your training method."
Terence Forsyth

What is “GuitEarIt!”?
Designed specifically for guitarists - GuitEarIt! is a game that trains your ear to hear and recognize the main chords used in popular music. When you use this game, you train yourself to pick up the chords in songs almost immediately - which means you don’t need to go wading through tons of useless information to find what you are looking for. Put simply, GuitEarIt! trains you to know chords just by listening to them.

You’re probably thinking – There thousands of guitar tablatures and transcriptions available on the internet that give you song chords for free. Why do I need to train my ear? Yes there are thousands of guitar tablatures available for free, and that's fantastic! The problem is that having these tabs on their own, isn't enough, if you want to be able to play these songs with a high degree of quality and professionalism.

You don't need to train your ear in order to play the guitar. But... by developing a sophisticated ear for music, you'll save yourself many hours of practice when learning new songs, furthermore you'll be able to transcribe songs from the radio, AND you'll be able to critique the transcriptions other musicians have made. Wow, now that's impressive.

With GuitEarIt! you can train your ear pick out the chords to any of your favorite songs, just by listening to them. I've identified exactly what chords you need to know and put them into a fun and easy to use game that will get you hearing and naming chords quickly. So, if that's what you're after, then GuitEarIt! was made for you!

If you could learn to hear and recognize guitar chords and notes without the aid of written music and have a blast doing it... would you?

Imagine how impressed your friends will be if you can strum along to a new song on the radio, even if you have never heard it before, just because you can hear the chords!

After using GuitEarIt!, I’m sure that all of your friends will believe that you have a gifted ear for music when all along you will know how easy it really is to recognize what you hear!

Discover the secrets to hearing chords and notes – all by ear!

Why should YOU start playing GuitEarIt! right now?

  1. Music teachers and Guitar tutors agree that ear training is essential to learning and playing the guitar better.
  2. A few hours with GuitEarIt! will enable you to distinguish between many of the main chords used in popular music!
  3. If you want to express yourself creatively there is no better way than playing by ear.
  4. Impress your friends when you use your talent for hearing and recalling chords to play their favorite songs.

"I would just like to say thanks. After using the game for a week I have worked out the chords for three of my favorite songs. Your game is great."
-- Sara Hadcroft

This powerful new software will train your ear to instantly recognize:

  • Major chords
  • Minor chords
  • 7th chords

– Even if you have never undergone ear training before!

Now that’s quite a big statement to make, but let me show you exactly how it is possible for you to unleash your ability to hear major, minor and 7th chord progressions in just about every song.

Without using boring drills and without complicated theory - GuitEarIt! takes you by the hand and guides you effortlessly into hearing and naming all of your major, minor and 7th chords instantly by ear!

Let me tell you a little about how GuitEarIt! works.

GuitEarIt! is so easy and fun to use that you will be amazed at how addictive it is. The game starts with four very important major chords – A, B, C and D. You are given various strums in which you must decide what was just strummed, using a multiple choice answer board.


For every question you get right you get 10 points. If it takes two guesses to get the question right you get 6 points. If it takes 3 guesses – 3 points. You get 0 points if it takes 4 guesses. You can only progress from level to level if you score enough points. As you progress, the game gets gradually more difficult.

You'll be amazed at how quickly, just by playing this game, you'll train your ear via self-correction without effort and eventually you'll clock the game and be able to recognize all 36 major, minor and seventh chords.

By starting with simple chords and progressions, GuitEarIt! trains your ear without overloading you – Put simply, you get the right information at the right time. And...

GuitEarIt! is a breeze to use.

It doesn't matter if you're new to computers or have been using them for years - GuitEarIt! has been carefully designed for any user, regardless of age or computer experience.

It doesn’t matter if your computer is old or new – GuitEarIt! works on virtually any computer – Mac and PC.

Are you ready to dramatically improve your ear-skills with one of the easiest to use and most fun games on the internet?

I want to help you take your playing to a whole new level. Have you been wanting to improve your musical skill and aural ability? If so, I think we've found the answer for you...

After using GuitEarIt! you will be able to:

  • Identify chords and notes in all of your favorite songs – straight from your stereo.
  • Begin playing music by ear – believe me, there is no better feeling than playing from the soul.
  • Recognize notes instantly in relation to other notes.
  • Impress all of your friends with your ‘gifted’ ear for music.

This is my complete ear training system: GuitEarIt! has been tested and proven to work with literally anyone regardless of age and musical experience. Believe me ... My students have benefited from this software and I am positive that you will too - but you have to make the first step...

Download GuitEarIt! in Exactly 5 minutes from now!

Within the next 5 minutes, you can be using this powerful software program to take control of your ear! Simply place your order, and within seconds you'll be able to download GuitEarIt! immediately!

You deserve to treat yourself to this special offer. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have something you've always wanted, and to do it in the fastest, most fun, musical way possible. The method of learning that GuitEarIt! offers is simple, brilliant, and so much fun that anyone can do it! I challenge you to do this right now: download GuitEarIt! immediately and let me change the way you hear music.

Click Here To Download GuitEarIt! US $29.95

Here’s best news of all

You made it here just in time to take advantage of an unprecedented offer. (But please don’t contact my existing customers about this.)

It's part of a marketing test that's got my accountant up in arms; he thinks that even my normal risk-free price of $59.95 is too low. But because the Internet has reduced many of my costs, I’m doing a test and passing my savings on to my Internet customers (i.e. you) until midnight Saturday 15 Aug, Depending on how it affects sales, I may or may not continue the special discount after this date.

However, if you order GuitEarIt! online by midnight Saturday 15 Aug, it’s yours risk-free for an incredibly low $29.95. That’s 50% off the everyday price – about what most people spend on a one private guitar lesson. And trust me, the skills that you will gain from using GuitEarIt! will well worth the investment, or you can return it for a 100% refund. (Read the details of my guarantee below.)

Finally, because I really want this test to increase sales, I’m throwing in an exciting Free Super Bonus if you order online by midnight Saturday 15 Aug.

Free Super Bonus #1
“Jayde Musica Pro” – Musical Note Game
Jayde Musica brings enjoyment to the otherwise monotonous task of learning how to read music. Watch as musical notes fly across the screen and do your best to identify them! This game goes from beginner to advanced levels, complete with high scores.

***Note this is Jayde Musica Pro, If you'd like to download the free version, visit www.jaydemusica.com. The pro version comes with many additional features, such as sound, beats per minute display, etc. You can even play with your eyes closed and train your ears how to perceive perfect pitch. Amazing! And Jayde Musica Pro comes with, free upgrades for life and access to our support desk.

No gimmicks here, it is so easy to set up and use that you'll be having fun learning how to read music in seconds.

I think you will find this to be the easiest, most effective way to learn how to read music. You will be amazed at how quickly you will enjoy using Jayde Musica.

Click Here for a Screenshot (note: this will load in a new window, please disable any popup blocking software if you wish it to load)

"I teach guitar to three kids all around the age of 12. I had them start using your software a couple of weeks ago and you won’t believe the results I’ve had. Lessons are now heaps better as my students find it far easier to latch on to what I’m showing them. Thanks a heap."
-- Jeremy Shin

100% Money-Back 90 Day Guarantee

I insist that you order GuitEarIt! entirely at my risk. That’s why this software comes with a Risk-Free, 90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. There’s absolutely NO RISK on your part. Why am I going to such great lengths?

Even though I’ve been playing the guitar for 14 years – and you can access free samples of my lessons – I want you to feel absolutely certain there’s no way you can "get taken." After all, I’m a respected musician and my reputation is on the line.

So go ahead and order my GuitEarIt! today. Play the game and impress all your friends and family.

"…Far better than any ear training tool I’ve used before."
-- Rex Artwell

"Top job on the game guys - looks like you’ve done it again. What’s next?"
-- Kimberly Guthrie

Now let me take this guarantee one step further. Don't feel like you must "use" my techniques in order to get a refund. If you don't like GuitEarIt! for ANY reason – even because you don’t like the look of the design – you can return it for an immediate 100% refund of your purchase price. And remember, this is a 90 day guarantee. You’re free to return it next week, next month, or up to 90 days from now.

Finally, because you’re entrusting me with your time and confidence, I want you to keep the Free Super Bonus – free of charge – even if you return GuitEarIt!. That’s a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide!

Be training your ear In Just Five Minutes

If you request it on the order form, our system will allow you to access this powerful software immediately. Even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before it comes with instructions it's so easy!

  • Zero shipping costs.
  • No waiting time, forget having to wait weeks for postal delivery.
  • No risk of products lost in the mail or damaged.
  • You receive GuitEarIt! – Ear training software at a lower price because it costs us less to produce.

Two Ways To Place Your Risk-Free Order

  1. The fastest way to order is directly online with ClickBank's SECURE SERVER. Clickbank is one of the internet's leading third party credit card processors. Keep in mind that when you use ClickBanks' order form, we do not have any access to your credit card information at any stage, ClickBank is one of the most widely used and secure credit card processing companies and you can be certain that your details are completely secure.
  2. Click here to print out an order form to mail your order. Simply print this order form out and send it along with your payment of $29.95.

Keep in mind that when you use my order form on ClickBank's Secure Server, you can access the software via electronic download only (unless you request a CD via Postal Mail), so you'll be able to get started training your ear in approximately 5 minutes!

I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me about your GuitEarIt! experience and about all the people you have impressed with your new found aural skills. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. I’d love to hear your success story!

Jon Coursey

P.S. Remember, I guarantee that once you use GuitEarIt! you will be able to hear and name chords and notes just by ear; otherwise, you can return it next week, next month, or even up to 90 days from now for a prompt 100% refund... PLUS... you still get to keep the added Super Bonus Jayde-Musica.

P.P.S. If you don’t order GuitEarIt! right now, how will you discover your potential to have a perfect ear.

P.P.P.S. If you are still not convinced, let me ask you – Do you know the difference between a D major chord and a G dominant 7 chord? If not – you need this software.

You have nothing to lose ordering GuitEarIt!, no matter what country you’re in. ELIMINATE DOUBT IN A POSITIVE WAY.

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